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Learn about the Elliott Wave Principle and how applying it to your market analysis can improve your investing and trading. Take the entire online course — The Free Elliott Wave Tutorial: 10 Lessons on the Wave Principle.


How to Use Bar Patterns to Spot Trade Setups


Learn how to use bar patterns to spot high-probability trade setups in the charts you use every day. This 15-page report features 30 instructional charts and simple explanations that teach you how to identify 5 specific bar patterns and how you can them to spot trading opportunities.



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This three-video series demolishes the widely held notion that news drives the markets and provides a basis for using Elliott wave analysis in your own trading and investing decisions.


Discover the Top 100 Safest U.S. Banks


Banks of all sizes are riskier than they used to be (think about portfolios stuffed with derivatives, emerging market debt and non-performing commercial loans), so it makes good sense to have your own personal stress test to find out which you can trust. This special report gives you what you need to know — plus a list of the Top 100 Safest Banks in the U.S.


Inflation vs. Deflation


Download this 8-page report adapted from Robert Prechter’s best-seller Conquer the Crash, and learn whether inflation or deflation is the biggest threat to your money supply.


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This valuable resource includes 8 lessons on topics critical to your financial survival, including: what you should do with your pension plan, what you should do it you own a business, calling in loans and paying off debt, whether you should trust the government to protect you — and much more.


The Power of the Wave Principle


4 Incredible Market Forecasts You Have to See to Believe

See how Elliott waves can keep you ahead of major moves no one else sees coming—including real-life examples in AAPL, gold, crude and S&P 500.

In November 1987, Robert Prechter made this simple observation:

“Everyone wants to be a contrarian. But it takes years of experience to learn when to behave as a contrarian.”

To the benefit of his readers, Prechter has made a 40-year career of knowing when to behave as a contrarian investor. And now is your opportunity to learn from him — and his team of analysts — what it means to “go against the herd” with this free resource.