My experience in Forex

My experience in Forex began in 2008, it was enough 3 months to leave my account at 0. I retired and said that this was a business of luck. When I opened my twitter account about 2 years ago I started to follow people related to the market, I started to follow the broker that I used, I started to get interested in the market again and I opened an account 3 months ago. On twitter I found 3 very attractive services, EWF and others 2. As EWF offered me to go only with the trend, discard it and start with one of the other services. My 1 month experience with one of the services left me -250 PIPS. The system was with Moving Average lines. Since that service was not effective, enter the other one that offered Ondas Elliott, winning with the tendency and with the rebounds, well, after a month, was -500 PIPS more. Now I am convinced that the only way to make money in this market is with patience and operating in favor of the trend. Today I am completing my tenth day with the EWF service and I am +300 PIPS. It is difficult to expect the market to reach the points where I have my purchase or sale orders, but I am learning to sit in the hands and let the market reach me and not I reach the market. The graphics, the videos, the analysis rooms are a great help and give us an almost exact guide to the next movement. I play lose to understand how it is that you can make money on FOREX and now I know that I must stay with EWF. Many thanks EWF.

John Red