A New View of Financial and Social Causality: Robert Prechter at Oxford, Cambridge and Trinity



Have a seat. Get comfortable. This is your opportunity to join Robert Prechter at three of the world’s most venerable institutions as he carefully contrasts traditional social and financial theory with his groundbreaking socionomic research.

Have you ever questioned the conventional theory that social mood is buffeted by economic, political and cultural events?

Consider the following commonly held beliefs:

  • The financial markets are random, rational and efficient.
  • Factors like earnings, GDP, war and peace drive the stock market and the economy. When these factors are positive, stock prices rise; when they’re negative, stock prices fall.
  • Market crashes happen when “Black Swan” events like corporate scandals and terrorist attacks scare investors into selling shares.
  • Trends in society like fashion, music and entertainment are mostly random, impossible to predict and entirely unrelated to trends in finance and economics.

Now, what if you learned that all of these universal “truths” are false?

How would these revelations change the way you live? How would they improve the way you invest?

Now’s your chance to put yourself among the small minority of people – including scholars from three of the most venerable institutions in the U.K. – who have adopted a radical new way of thinking about finance, economics and society.


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