What’s Next? A Beanie Baby App?

What’s Next? A Beanie Baby App?

Fads are part and parcel of the American way of life – yo-yos, hula
hoops, pet rocks, invisible dogs, flagpole-sitting. And they frequently
grab our collective psyche at various points in the trend of social
mood, as does the occasional nostalgia for those fads. Enter Pokémon
Go. If you walked around your home town this past week, chances are
you’ve seen them — in most cases recapturing the ignorant bliss of
their youth, walking aimlessly with occasional quick darts to the
left or right and clutching their cell phones with animated expressions.
They are the Pokémon Go Trainers. Topping the charts, the augmented-reality
game Pokémon Go is the most-downloaded app in history. The game has
more usage time and daily active users than such social media darlings
as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, WhatsApp and Facebook. It’s
nothing short of a viral sensation.

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